Interactions with cannabinoids

It is not industrial hemp that is growing when American farmers harvest their cannabis crops before maturity to minimize the THC content. These are high-resin plants, drugs rich in Sera Labs CBD Oil , although not euphoric-in essence, Marijuana that does not place. And Marijuana is still prohibited by federal law.

Project CBD, a non-profit educational organization based in California, published a detailed manual on drug interactions with cannabinoids, which is aimed at health professionals, patients and policy makers. The 33-page report, which is summarized below, is available for download for free on the Project CBD website.

In current medicine, much attention is given to drug interactions. Half of adult Americans regularly take prescription drugs, and at least 75% of Americans take an over-the-counter medication. Many people, including the elderly (who belong to the fastest growing demographic of Sera Labs CBD Oil cannabis users), consume multiple drugs, and these compounds can interact and affect each other’s metabolism.

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